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The Center for Wildlife presents Owls: Silent Hunters of the Night

Join us on the lawn for our Summer Reading Wrap-Up program and learn all about the owls of New England!

"Our beautiful non-releasable owl ambassadors show off their adaptations for night hunting.  Learn about the variety of New England species, their habitats, diets, calls, and tips on how to spot them in the wild.  Educators will also focus on their importance in balancing prey populations, current challenges, and how to help. Using our amazing non-releasable animal ambassadors and interactive displays, the phenomenal adaptations of owls will be explored and discovered.  This hour long program will connect the audience with these beautiful ambassadors of their species as well as provide their natural and personal histories and empower audience members to  help to steward the environment that we all share."

Special thanks to the Friends of the Hampstead Public Library for providing funding for this program.

Event Location: 
Program Time: 
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Room Reservation: 
Wed, August 04, 2021