Mary E. Clark

Who Was Mary E. Clark?

  ... and why does she have a street named after her?

Mary E. Clark was both a Library Trustee and an important member of the Friends of the Library, active between 1970 and 1983. She was instrumental in organizing and running the Hollyhock Thrift Shop for many years. She also was in charge of the flowers in the window boxes at the old library at 67 Main Street, a logical outgrowth of her love for gardening. She also helped out at the library in many other ways including running it for a period between Directors. Her single most significant contribution was the bequest of the proceeds from the sale of her home on Main Street for use by the library, in 1986. Interest from the Mary E. Clark Fund has provided the library with many special items that it would not have been able to afford otherwise.

The first library software system was purchased with Mary Clark Fund money. One substantial benefit of Mrs. Clark's generous donation is the initial funding of our DVD collection. Funds from her bequest were used for many furnishings on the second floor as well. Her many contributions to the library, including the fund, keep on giving.

When the town purchased and renovated the current library building, the Planning Board asked the Trustees and Library Director Becky Rooney to suggest a name for the formerly private drive that was being converted to a public road to access the building. Becky had long wanted to honor Mary in some meaningful way so she suggested "Clark Drive". But there were so many Clarks and that didn't distinguish it enough. Then she added "Mary" but there were still too many so, as a last resort to be sure that the right person was honored, the street name became Mary E. Clark Drive.