Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees has a regular meeting schedule of the third Tuesday of each month at  1:30 PM.

Meeting notices are posted at the Public Library on the bulletin board, at the Town Hall on their notice board, and on the Library's online calendar. Recordings of meetings can be found on the Town's Cable channel 17 or on 
Hampstead Cable Channel On-Demand.
If anyone would like to attend a meeting but the time is a deterrent, please reach out to the Director, Rosemary Krol

Library Trustees are elected for a term of 3 years.

Natalie Gallo, Chair -Term to 2026

nagallo @


Charlene Flaherty- Term to 2024

flahertyca @


Ronnie Shelley- Term to 2025

vershelley @


Al Cipriano, Treasurer -Term to 2024

mrcid1 @


Kristina Durocher-Term to 2025

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Alternate Members
Theresa McTammany

Bob O'Brien


Past meeting minutes and director reports:

Meeting Minutes for Board of Trustees


2023-2025 Hampstead Public Library Strategic Plan PDF file can be found here.


Building for the Future: Hampstead Public Library Pavilion Project

Dear Members of the Greater Hampstead Community:

The Hampstead Public Library Trustees would like to thank the Hampstead community members who have donated so far to our “Building for the Future” Pavilion Brick Walkway Fundraiser.  We have adjusted our plans so we can move forward with the process. Here is a little history of our phased plans for continued fundraising.

Phase 1 included our brick fundraiser. Over 275 organizations and individuals have indicated that they support the pavilion with their choice of bricks. 

Phase 1 included the Library researching grants and free public money to support our pavilion. Rosemary Krol, our director, applied for over $100,000 in state, private, and public grants, but due to the great need of others because of COVID, we haven't yet qualified for these larger grants. We did receive over $4600 in smaller grants.  We started this project to help us serve the Hampstead community more safely outside, during COVID and beyond.

During Phase 2, the library continued fundraising and applying for grants, including seeking ARPA funds from the town. The result of Phase 2 is that we completed the pavilion structure in March 2023 and there is new grass planted.  The goal of the pavilion is to help mitigate issues of safely meeting and social distancing that the pandemic has created.   It is to serve all ages and facilitate outdoor meetings and programs, such as toddler story time, various classes, book discussions, craft activities, summer programming, and much more. The structure provides wheelchair-accessibility, and is equipped with electricity and wireless internet.

Phase 3 is happening in 2023. Once the pavilion structure was put up then we began to assess what kind of landscaping is needed to help soften the road noise and to make it a more pleasant park-like public space.

While we know that Hampstead has other pavilions throughout the town that our community is fortunate to have, the pavilion here at the public library will offer abundant parking, accessible bathrooms, and a variety of programming, as well as meeting space for community groups. Our youth services librarian can quickly wheel a cart out to the front lawn to set up our story time for many families in the safe and protected pavilion without needing to pack her vehicle and drive to a different pavilion. Weekly story times and programs are attended by multigenerational visitors, so we want to offer a gathering space for all ages.  Visitors who attend our outdoor book groups, yoga and stretching health classes, and other programs can then come in for restrooms and browse for books and entertainment. We look forward to offering a safe, comfortable, and weather-protected space for the Hampstead community.

As always, we appreciate your continued support as we build for the future of the Town and the Library.


Rosemary Krol, Library Director

Natalie Gallo, Chairperson of Hampstead Library Board of Trustees

Hampstead Public Library would like to thank our Business and Organization Sponsors. See current list as an attachment below.


History of the Hampstead Public Library Trustees

Henry Ordway, George R. Bennette, J.C. Eastman, William A. Emerson, Samuel Morse 1888 1888
George R. Bennette 1890-1897/1902-1904
William A. Emerson 1915-1920
Andrew M. Moulton  1889
John S. Carson 1889-1932
Francis H. Sawyer 1889
Moses C. Morse    1890
Isaac Randall 1891
Daniel N. Hoyt 1892-1895 /1911
Daniel Emerson 1896-1911
Rufus P. Gardiner 1898-1901
George A. Hoyt 1905-1910
Albion D. Emerson 1912-1914 /1933-1939
Lucius L.  Darbee 1914-1931
Joseph M. Toit 1932-1937
Harriette W. Ingraham 1939-1942
Arthur A. Hathaway 1942
S. Evelyn Taylor 1942-1944 / 1946-1947
Grace Shaw Johnson 1942
Madeline Collette 1944-1952
Bertha Whiteneck 1944-1945
Helen Swift 1945-1946
Agnes Covell 1947-1953
Pearl Darling 1948-1952
Viola Johnston 1953-1954
Marion Wright 1954-1958
Ann D. Bolton 953-1955
Pearl Cornwell 1956-1967
Lincoln K. Drake 1956
Rev. Theodore B. Hadley 1957-1962
Esther Orcutt 1959-1966
Marjorie Kirkness 1963-1967
Elaine Brough 1967-1972
Calvin Scovel, Jr. 1968-1973
Loretta Cummings 1972-1973
Mildred F. Emerson 1973-1975
Florence Malsbenden 1975-1977
Mary E. Clark 1974-1979
Beth Duston 1976-1981
Louis Griffith 1978-1980
David Lanning 1980-1984
Warren Cooke 1981-1982/1988
Catherine Robbins 1982-1985
Wendell McIntire 1983
Adele Trested 1984
Pamela Hartung 1985-2003
Warren Trested 1985-1987
Lincoln Palmer 1987
Joseph Hannigan, Jr 1988-1992
Jay Burns 1989-2005
Margot Clemente 1993-2008
Pamela Hartung 1998-2003
Robert Kuhl 2005-2013
Emily Reschburger 2003-2018
Diane Kelly 2008-2011
Judi Crowley 2010-2011
Paul Schofield 2010-2011
Aileen Wall 2012-2014
John Skidmore 2012-2013
Gwen Glick 2013-2016
Alfred Cipriano 2015-2018, 2021-Present
Robert O'Brien 2018
Natalie Gallo 2015-Present
Veronica Shelley 2019-Present
Charlene Flaherty 2018-Present
Kristina Durocher 2021-Present