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General Knowledge Databases

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Search or browse for information included in Encyclopedias, magazines, videos, and Web sites.

Geared toward kids, use this to search or browse for information included in Encyclopedias, magazines, videos, and Web sites.

Full text access to over 25,000 records, covering a variety of topics. The database contains various images, offers brief biographies as well as information in a variety of subject areas.

A magazine database specifically for the high school level. Additionally, full text is available for 84,774 biographies and 100,554 primary source documents, more than 350 reference books (including the Columbia Encyclopedia, the CIA World Fact Book and World Almanac & Book of Facts), an Image Collection of 235,186 photos, maps & flags, color PDFs and expanded full text backfiles (back to 1975) for key magazines.

Provides full text access to more than 1,730 general periodicals covering a range of subjects including general reference, business, education, health, general science, multi-cultural issues and many others. In addition to the full text, this database provides indexing and abstracts for more than 2,400 titles as well.

Provides full text to 140 popular, middle school magazines. Full text is also available for thousands of biographies and historical essays. Additionally, Middle Search Plus contains primary source documents including Essential Documents in American History, reference books including the Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia and American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Edition from Houghton Mifflin, the Encyclopedia of Animals, and an Image Collection of 235,186 photos, maps and flags.

Full text coverage of 25 national and international newspapers, 260 regional U.S. newspapers and full text transcripts of television and radio news programs.

A database designed specifically for elementary school libraries and public library children's rooms, it provides full text for nearly 70 popular, elementary school magazines.