Please wear a mask in the library regardless of vaccination status, due to high rate of community spread of Covid-19.  Guidance from CDC on masks here.

Virtual Town Forum 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Hampstead Virtual Town Forum!

Friday, January 14 - Friday, January 28

We were looking forward to hosting a Town Forum in 2022 as we have in past years to coincide with the filing period for Town Officer candidacy, which is from January 19th until January 28th. Unfortunately, by following health guidelines and limiting capacity for in-person events, we were unable to accommodate a forum of that size at this time. Nonetheless, we still wish to foster a sense of connectedness among all the great Hampstead organizations and give the community a central hub for "meeting" their representatives. 

We are pleased to share videos and presentations from a number of organizations, which have been uploaded to our YouTube page (link below). Although you can watch individual videos on their own, we encourage you to select the Play All option to stream them together in alphabetical order to get the full effect. 

In addition, on Friday, January 21st from 12pm until 4pm, the library will be playing these videos on loop in our second floor conference room. So come out to view them on the big screen, and spread the word to those who may not have internet access to let them know we have a screening for them.

Thank you to all of the boards, committees, and groups who participated! We look forward to having everyone back in-person in 2023. 


To play all videos, click PLAY ALL under the Town Forum logo. 

Runtime is 34 minutes. 


Presentations from the following groups:

Cable Committee & TV Station

Civic Club

Friends of the Hampstead Public Library

Garden Club

Historic/Heritage Commission & Historical Society

Library Board of Trustees


Patriotic Purposes

The Planning Board

Sunset Lake Association


Water Resource Committee


For additional information on town boards and committees, please visit the town website:

A list of available positions can be found on the town website ( and attached to this webpage.

Hampstead virtual town forum