Summer Reading for Pinkerton Academy

Pinkerton Academy offers several options for their expected reading for students.

Hampstead Library has copies available on the shelves. See our catalog

Sora, the free ebook and audiobook reading app for Pinkerton students, has several copies available online. 

Pinkerton Academy Library is open limited hours in the summer and has many copies of these titles available in print and as digital downloads. QUESTIONS? Email LIBRARIAN@PINKERTONACADEMY.ORG

In summer, Pinkerton Academy Library is open for Pinkerton students every Monday to Friday from 6am to 2pm, except holidays.  Students are invited to come use the library during those hours for a study space, computer use, VLACS work, chess, robotics, or other student groups.  If you have specific questions or a specific request, please contact or call us at 603.437.5200 x 1146.  

Headmaster's Summer Reading link

If you'd like to particpate in Hampstead Library's summer reading challenge, to win prizes and join us for events, you can register here.

image of Pinkerton's Saltmarsh library superimposed with some book covers