Images of America: Hampstead

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Thank you for helping us create this important historical book that will celebrate and preserve Hampstead’s history!


Photo specifications:

Please be sure any images you are considering submitting adhere to the following guidelines:

- Original images (a first-generation photograph taken using film and developed directly from a negative) 

- Postcards 

- High quality vintage printed line art (such as advertisements and billheads) 

- Photo was taken no later than 1965


The publisher is very specific in what they will accept so please no copies, photographs of photographs, yearbook photographs, images from newspapers or previously printed materials, or images from books. 

We would love to receive images that show:

- People doing everyday things

- People at special occasions

- Images from school

- Landmarks 

- Businesses

- Lakes and landscapes 

- Hampstead anniversary celebrations


Please note that if your photo looks to be a good fit for the book you will need to drop the photo off at the library for up to one week. The library will scan the image using a professional grade scanner as the publisher has very distinct specifications. 


How to submit your photos for consideration:

If you are submitting five or more images, please contact the library at and let us know. We will provide separate instructions. 

If you are submitting between one and four images, please follow the instructions below: 

Send an email to with the following information:

- In the subject of the email include the year the photo was taken (if you don’t have the exact year please estimate), and a brief description of the photo (limit it to no more than eight words). For example, “1919, Old Meetinghouse”. 

- In the body of the email please copy and paste the below prompts and answer to the best of your ability (the more details the better!). If there are not people in the photo just write “n/a”


Date the photo was taken: 


Names of people in photo:



My name:

My phone number: 


- For the purposes of initial consideration, please take a picture of the photo and send it as an attachment in the email. This will help us have a better idea of whether or not the photo will be right for this book. 

- Please send one email per image you are submitting. 

We will try to respond to your email within four weeks to let you know if we are interested in potentially using it. 

Please note that if your photo is chosen you will have to sign a release form to allow it to be published both physically in the book and electronically. 

All images should be submitted no later than Saturday, November 4th to be considered.