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Friends' Monthly Programs

Friends' season kicks off September 12th!   Below you'll find the list of all the great events that the Friends of the Hampstead Library has planned for your entertainment, education, and enlightenment. 
A Guide to New England
Tues, March 13 @ 7 pm

Laughter is the best medicine.  Fred Marple’s Guide to New England (for Locals and People from Away) is a hilarious look at all the things about Yankees that seem to confuse outsiders. Fred discusses Yankee food, Yankee fashion, and life in a small town. 
Life & Times of Norman Rockwell
SATURDAY, March 31 @ 11 AM

The nation’s premier illustrator for more than six decades, Norman Rockwell (1894–1978) was the people’s painter, depicting scenes from American life for the covers and pages of the most prominent publications. Local historian Gus Reusch will discuss the life of Norman Rockwell and the stories behind his paintings and illustrations. 
Robert Rogers of the Rangers
Tues, April 10 @ 7 pm

On a frontier where individualism flourished, New Hampshire’s consummate woodsman was just the leader to bring his men back safely from deep in dangerous country, even in stormy, freezing weather. The famous "Major Rogers’" renown was such that he became perhaps the single-best-known American on both sides of the Atlantic. This program is made possible with a grant from the NH Humanities.
Coin Collecting 2018: Don’t Get Ripped Off
SATURDAY, April 14 @ 11 AM

Bob Fritsch will present a program on “Coin Collecting 2018: Don’t Get Ripped Off” for the Friends of the Hampstead Public Library.

Does that coin store down the street offer a fair deal?  How about those TV guys on the shopping channel, that newspaper ad that invites you to bring your gold and silver to the local hotel for "top dollar", or that magazine ad for a centuries-old coin? This program will show you how to separate the good from the bad and give you the tools needed to determine if a deal is a good one.  Participants are invited to bring coins of interest to show around or to receive an opinion by the presenter.

End of the Season Potluck Dinner- Tuesday May 8 at 5:30pm

The annual Potluck Supper for the Friends is always a wonderful evening to bring our season to a close. 

Bring a favorite dish to share, and watch our slide show of past performances. 

A sign-up sheet will be posted at the Library in April.