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President's Letter

September 2016

Dear Friends,

Welcome once again. We are now in our 54th year of existence! In April 2012, the Friends of the Hampstead Public Library celebrated its 50thbirthday, gaining special recognition by both Governor John Lynch, and the New Hampshire State Librarian, Michael York for all that had been accomplished during those five decades.

Our members really do make a difference! The sole purpose of the ‘Friends’ is support our library by raising funds for the many things the library simply cannot afford beyond its regular operating budget.

The Friends have provided funds for so many things the library might otherwise not have, such as the Children’s Summer Reading Program, entertaining and informative monthly programs, and numerous museum passes. All costly, but available at no charge to library patrons. The list is long, and includes new technology such as the Nook, a much needed new refrigerator, a defibrillator, audio visual system, and even the construction of a room within the library to house our very profitable thrift shop. Our most recent and impressive contribution to the library’s new, and very visible electronic roadside sign!

Amazingly enough, this is all accomplished through modest membership fees, monthly raffles, and our extremely successful fundraisers such as the Elaine David Thrift Shop.  We also host a bake sale just before Thanksgiving and now have enrolled in Amazon Smile, making it easy for our patrons to support the Friends by shopping at Amazon.  Alas, none of this comes about through magic but does seem to come about magically through the minds and hands of our good-hearted volunteers.

Now that we’re on topic, does the word volunteer strike a sudden fear within you, causing your heart to palpitate wildly out of control? Not the reason the Friends furnished the library with the defibrillator by the way!Well fear not! Being a volunteer is not a membership requirement and the good news is that lending a helping hand does NOT involve a lot of time unless you want it to. Not everyone wants to chair a committee. For a number of years I only got involved once a year for a few hours on the actual night of the auction; handing out number cards and tracking purchases. I also had a really great time at the auctions!Please call me at 603-329-8281 or email me at blaine22@comcast.net for more information on how to lend a helping hand or inquire right at the library.

We would also love to see more members in attendance at our monthly business meetings. They take place immediately after the monthly programs at the library to make it convenient for those already there. They are neither stuffy nor intimidating, and more than likely you’ll find yourselves asking questions, voicing opinions, and raising a hand to second a motion!

Please join me in renewing your memberships.Still only $5.00 after all these years, and membership forms are always available at the front desk of the library for those who would like to become new members. I hope there will be many! Imagine the ways in which we could enhance our library, and make it even more appealing if every family, individual and business chose to become a member.

In closing, I would like to thank each and every one of you. Your membership in the Friends has been vital to the success of our library in providing the many things our community has come to enjoy year after year. We are so very fortunate to have a library such as ours, complete with a staff of talented, dedicated individuals, and behind the scenes, not wizards with wands but a great group of people who are aptly called, "The Friends of the Hampstead Public Library”.


Happy 54th

Marcia A. Blaine