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Social Media that HPL Uses to Communicate with You

We use these websites to keep you up to date on what is going on at the library.
Most social media sites require a membership that is usually free, and you can set your privacy levels to what you feel comfortable with.

Link to Facebook For Hampstead Public Library
Facebook is a social media site that allows members to share information, post photos, create events, and keep in touch. HPL uses Facebook to share up to the minute news, interesting events happening here or elsewhere, and sometimes chat with Library patrons.

Facebook for the Friends of HPL
The Friends of the Library are on Facebook, as well. You can "LIKE" their page, if you are a member of Facebook, and you will see updates from the Friends on your page.

Flickr is a photo sharing site that HPL uses to post photos of our events so you can see what is happening at your library.  Wherever you see these icons, you can click to go to Flickr. You do not need to be a member of Flickr to view photos, only to upload and share your own photos.

Goodreads.com is a website you can join, and then save lists of books you've read, categorize your favorites, make lists of what you own, what you've lent to friends...  

Some of the Hampstead Librarians use Goodreads. Ask us how to use this fun tool.