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Hampstead Public Library Board of Trustees

The BOT has a regular meeting schedule of the third Tuesday of each month at 2 PM.

If anyone would like to attend a meeting but the time is a deterrent, please reach out to the Director, Rosemary Krol director@hampsteadlibrary.org

Natalie Gallo, Chair

Charlene Flaherty

Bob O'Brien, Treasurer

Alternate Members
Brian Vass, Charles Fernandes

Meeting Minutes for HPL Board of Trustees

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February 8, 2019
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January 15, 2019
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December 4, 2018
November 27, 2018

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Meet the Trustees for 2018-2019

Natalie Gallo is proud to be a member of the Board of Trustees.  Married to George Gallo for over fifty-five years, she is now widowed.  They were blessed with two sons, George, Jr., and Glenn.  She has a smart and loving granddaughter, Madeline.
Music, Theater, Poetry, and every genre of the written word have been prime forces in Natalie’s life.  Initially, she was a Voice/Theatre Arts major at NYU, and received a degree in that field.  After moving to New England in 1960 she received an additional degree in Communications from Curry College in Milton, MA.  She continued her education at Salem State College and UNH, eventually earning Certification from the NH State Board of Education as a Librarian/ Media Generalist.  Natalie served Hampstead in that capacity for thirty-years.  Upon retirement she became a member of the Hampstead School Board for fourteen-years.  Community is all important to Natalie and she volunteers in town and on church committees and boards. 
Natalie has many “favorite” authors:  Emily Dickinson is her favorite poet, Jan Karon and the Mitford Series, Louise Penny and the Inspector Gamache Series.  She loves all classics including those of the Bronte Sisters.
Her love for Biblical studies and Holy Scripture enabled her to complete a four-year program, Education for Ministry, in 2008 from the School of Theology, University of the South in Sewanee, TN.
Charlene Flaherty is originally from western Massachusetts, but has been a Hampstead resident since 1977. She has a BA degree in English and Education from Framingham State University. She is retired after working 23 years as a Director and Kindergarten teacher at Holy Angels Pre-school and Kindergarten. Charlene’s interests are family time, traveling, painting, reading, music, photography, and family genealogy. Her eclectic taste in reading material ranges from non-fiction stories of heroism and historical fiction to classic and contemporary fiction. She especially enjoys reading about places she is going to travel to and often brings home souvenirs pertaining to local literature or music.
Bob O’Brien, currently serving as a Trustee and Treasurer, has watched the Library grow since coming to Hampstead in 1975 and is proud to be part of such a valuable community asset. He feels the commitment to serve all citizens, young and old, is the highest priority of the Library Staff and its Trustees. Bob’s reading interests include American military history—WWII to Vietnam, action adventure novels, and individual journals of travel across America. His favorite author is Ian Fleming.
Brian Vass was born in RI, raised in MA and NJ, and has lived most of his adult life in NH. He has served on the Trustees of the Trust Funds, the Budget Committee during which time he served as liaison to the library trustees, and is currently serving his fourth term as an alternate library trustee.
Jorge Mesa-Tejada Born in Bogotá, Colombia, So. America (1936).  Immigrated to the US on July 25, 1951. Naturalized American Citizen, August 11, 1955. US Marine Corps veteran (1954-57). Trained in physics, retired December 31, 2005 from a multinational software company providing enterprise-wide logistics solutions.
·     Resident of Hampstead, NH since 1966
·     Director, Coalition of NH Taxpayers 1995-present
·     Co-founder/Vice-President of Citizens Education Association 1996-2002
·     Vice-President, Children’s Scholarship Fund – New Hampshire1997-2001
·     Chairman/vice-chairman, Hampstead School Board (1972-1976, 1990-1994)
·     SAU 55 (Hampstead-Timberlane) Board (1972-1976, 1990-1994)
·     Appointments by NH State Board of Education:
·    - -Chairman SAU Study Committee, 1992;
·     --Member, Spec Ed Task Force, 1994
·     Appointed by Governor Merrill:
·     ---Member, NH School Building Authority (1997-2000)
·     Member, Hampstead Historic District Commission(1981-1983)
·     Chairman, Hampstead Zoning Ordinance Committee: rewrote/reclassified entire Hampstead Zoning Ordinance so that average person could understands its provisions (1987-90)
·     Chairman/member, Hampstead Budget Committee (1996; 2002-2005, 2006-2009, 2014-2017)
·     Member, Steering Committee: Hampstead Community Profile (2005)
·     Member, Master Plan Advisory Committee (2005 - 2008)
·     Designer and Member, Hampstead Police Station Building Committee (2006-2010 )
·     Member, Hampstead School Facilities Committee, (2001-2014)
·     Received recognition plaque for Public Service since 1971 from Hampstead Board of Selectmen on February 10, 2017.

History of the Hampstead Public Library Trustees

Henry Ordway, George R. Bennette, J.C. Eastman, William A. Emerson, Samuel Morse 1888 1888
George R. Bennette 1890-1897/1902-1904
William A. Emerson 1915-1920
Andrew M. Moulton  1889
John S. Carson 1889-1932
Francis H. Sawyer 1889
Moses C. Morse    1890
Isaac Randall 1891
Daniel N. Hoyt 1892-1895 /1911
Daniel Emerson 1896-1911
Rufus P. Gardiner 1898-1901
George A. Hoyt 1905-1910
Albion D. Emerson 1912-1914 /1933-1939
Lucius L.  Darbee 1914-1931
Joseph M. Toit 1932-1937
Harriette W. Ingraham 1939-1942
Arthur A. Hathaway 1942
S. Evelyn Taylor 1942-1944 / 1946-1947
Grace Shaw Johnson 1942
Madeline Collette 1944-1952
Bertha Whiteneck 1944-1945
Helen Swift 1945-L946
Agnes Covell 1947-1953
Pearl Darling 1948-1952
Viola Johnston 1953-1954
Marion Wright 1954-1958
Ann D. Bolton 953-1955
Pearl Cornwell 1956-1967
Lincoln K. Drake 1956
Rev. Theodore B. Hadley 1957-1962
Esther Orcutt 1959-1966
Marjorie Kirkness 1963-1967
Elaine Brough 1967-1972
Calvin Scovel, Jr. 1968-1973
Loretta Cummings 1972-1973
Mildred F. Emerson 1973-1975
Florence Malsbenden 1975-1977
Mary E. Clark 1974-1979
Beth Duston 1976-1981
Louis Griffith 1978-1980
David Lanning 1980-1984
Warren Cooke 1981-1982/1988
Catherine Robbins 1982-1985
Wendell McIntire 1983
Adele Trested 1984
Pamela Hartung 1985-2003
Warren Trested 1985-1987
Lincoln Palmer 1987
Joseph Hannigan, Jr 1988-1992
Jay Burns 1989-2005
Margot Clemente 1993-2008
Pamela Hartung 1998-2003
Robert Kuhl 2005-2013
Emily Reschburger 2003-2018
Diane Kelly 2008-2011
Judi Crowley 2010-2011
Paul Schofield 2010-2011
Aileen Wall 2012-2014
John Skidmore 2012-2013
Gwen Glick 2013-2016
Alfred Cipriano 2015-2018
Natalie Gallo 2015-Present
Robert O’Brien 2018-Present
Charlene Flaherty 2018-Present